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We are selling fish fingerlings in an affordable price of TSH 200/- ($0.09)

Our Headquarter Office is in Arusha region, Kwa Iddi Street, near Intelligence security building

We have several other regions where our company’s branches are located like Kilimanjaro (Banana farming), Manyara (Timber dealing) and Mbeya region (Fish farming)

For you to obtain Fish fingerlings, please contact Mbeya Branch manager +255743940380

We are located in Mbeya Region, Inyala Ward, and Shamwengo Village

So as to ensure proper service delivery to our customers, Our company has an eager to promulgate to our local customer that, once they press the fingerlings procuring order, the followings are the extra/bonus service they shall experience through their order:-

  1. We will arrange and transport your fingerlings to any Region within Tanzania without any proximity or mortality fear as we are using a reliable technology and techniques to pack your fingerlings.
  2. In spite of selling fingerling to you but it is our obligation as a consultation company to deliver to our customer without any payment the fish feed formula i.e. Starter I, Starter II, Grower and Finisher as well as providing the fish feeding directives for all of your 6 months rearing time.

We are producing Nile tilapia and catfish fingerlings, Our Nile tilapia fingerlings have received a huge fame from our past customers due to its ability to grow fast(300g per 6 month).

Our privilege is for you to obtain what you thought to obtain, so as you can have an Infatuation to our company. Please be proud of your dearly Company, “Don’t switch,Please Stay with usWild


Production House



ROFACOL TANZANIA CO.LTD was established basing on Company Act No. 12, 2002. It is one of the company which deals with motivating Aquaculture to the community, Large scale Agriculture as well as silviculture project in Southern highland zone (Aquaculture) and Northern zone(Silviculture and Large scale agriculture). 


ROFACOL TANZANIA CO. LTD is located in the Northern part of the country i.e Kilimanjaro region, Moshi, Langasani. Company is at Hai district which is located 3° 10′ 0″ S, 37° 10′ 0″ E. While for the case of the cage culture pilot project which is situated at Kyela District is located between 35o 41 and 30o Longitudes East of Greenwich meridian and 9o 25 and 9o 40 Latitudes South of Equator. In the East Kyela District borders with Makete and Ludewa Districts in Njombe region, in the West with Ileje District in the North with Rungwe District in Mbeya Region and South the District borders with Republic of Malawi and Lake Nyasa.


To improve the socioeconomic condition of the affected fisher folk and  to  support the  rehabilitation and ecological recovery program of the Lake nyasa water body resources-Kyela

1. To organize fishers into viable and profitable business entities in Lake nyasa and responsible communities in the management of their coastal resources

2. To measure the impacts of Tilapia cage culture on the socio-economic condition of the beneficiaries, the coastal environment and policy and institutional arrangements in the use of coastal resources

3.  To install and operate 20 fish cage and provide operational capital to serve both as a training/demonstration center and production facility for the Fishers.


We do practice Cage culture in lake Nyasa and is done in  a semi-intensive system where mixed-sex type of Oreochromis spp which is Lake Nyasa indigeneous is cultured in iron pipe made cages with dagaa/chilimila net lining of 8-10mm mesh size to avoid injuries to fish and escape.

The type of fish cultured are O. Lidole,O.Mossambicuss,O.Karongae and Oreochromis squamipinnis